Buying a Spirometer

There are many spirometers on the market. We try to give some advice in chosing a good spirometer.

If you want to buy a spirometer, make sure to verify the following topics:

  • the precision and accuracy of the spirometer (Technical and functional assessment of 10 office spirometers: A multicenter comparative study.)
  • the possibility to see the flow-volume loop in realtime during the spirometry test
  • the spirometer responds to ATS criteria
  • measurement of the inspiratory flow-volume loop
  • the price of the spirometer (between € 1.000 and € 3.000)
  • the price of the accessories, like mouthpieces and filters (between € 0,10 and € 3,00 per test)
  • the need for calibration of the spirometer with a calibration syringe (price between € 300 and € 500)
  • ease of use of the spirometer and the software
  • simplicity of maintenance and cleaning
  • after sales service

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